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      Artisan: The flooring manufacturer of largest in Poland and second largest in Europe.
      Headquartered in Poland, founded in 1947, the predecessor Is a large state-owned enterprises in Poland, engaged in timber harvesting and processing Business. 1973 began to produce three solid wood flooring, 1999 Became a private enterprise in 2000 and traded in Warsaw in 2005 Market listing. So far, Poland is the largest, Europe ranked second Professional flooring manufacturers. The company has Poland, russia, Ukraine three production bases, production lines all in Germany Mouth world class equipment, floor annual production capacity exceeds 11 million smooth rice M. Products exported to the United States, Russia, Germany, france, Britain, Italy and other 46 countries and regions.

      Artisan 波蘭地板品牌、歐洲第二大地板制造商

      2200,super long,three fight, three layers of solid wood, high-end customersperferred house,heat resistand

      2200 mm、三拼三層實木地板 高端客戶大宅之選

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