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      In 1949, the founder of the Italy ceramic design master Veikko Magistretti and a number of like-minded designers in Italy mandner was founded.

      AGA advocates the minimalist style and concept, the European first-class design style, the simple design style, and the innovative tile making technology, to meet people's needs for the space environment. AGA first introduced the modern marble and modern antique tiles in the industry, breaking the bottleneck of the traditional glaze products in the imitation of natural stone, and the color and sense of experience are closer to natural stone.

      Spain's top manufacturers jointly Glaze - Tao Lixi, Italy imported intelligent sensing technology, a soft cast stone eight surface design, printing equipment, printing Italy 8 Channel 7 AGA CERAMICS to wear coefficient...... unfading value and taste, people around the world who's become the first choice.



      聯手西班牙頂級釉料制造商——陶麗西、意大利進口智能感應柔拋技術、一石八面設計方式、意大利8通道噴碼印花設備、7級耐磨系數......AGA CERAMICS以永不褪色的價值品味,成為世界各地尊尚人士的首選。


      最新加盟熱線 , 馬上咨詢