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      Ottone Meloda, founded in 1952, is part of the Italian WTS GROUP, located in Pella, Novara Province, near Lake Orta.

      For more than 60 years, it has been adhering to the concept of "professional research and development, lean manufacturing", the "artwork" of the Italian faucet industry. Always adhere to the artistry of design and strict control of technical quality, and is committed to making the Italian handcrafted to the extreme. Define products with high quality, high quality and high standards. Each product can be called a work of art, giving people a luxurious sensory enjoyment.

      Ottone Meloda, with more than 60 years of Italian quality precipitation, sanitary products have gradually entered the world stage and exported to more than 50 countries including the Middle East, Africa, North America, Asia, China, India and the entire Europe. Committed to realizing product globalization and being loved by consumers all over the world.

      WTS GROUP, every product is the crystallization of power and flexible structure.

      Static and dynamic tests to control materials, material structure and technology, chromium thickness, corrosion resistance, and leakage. Each product has the following characteristics: water saving up to 40%, 100% imported from Italy, double-layer chrome plating technology, easy to install, 10-year warranty.

      Obtained ENISO 9001:2000 VISON international quality standard certification.

      Ottone Meloda,成立于1952年,隸屬于意大利WTS GROUP集團,位于諾瓦拉省的佩拉,靠近奧爾塔湖。


      Ottone Meloda,憑借60多年的意大利品質沉淀,衛浴產品已經逐步邁進世界舞臺,出口中東、非洲、北美、亞洲、中國、印度和整個歐洲等50多個國家。致力于實現產品全球化,得到世界消費者的喜愛。

      WTS GROUP,每一款產品都是動力和柔性結構的結晶。


      獲得ENISO 9001:2000VISON國際質量標準認證。

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